Barling Meerschaum 1812 Ivory Silver Spigot 9mm Filter Rustic Straight Billiard Pipe 15302

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Barling 1812 Ivory Silver Spigot 9mm Rustic Straight Pipe 15302
Barling Pipes

The 1812 Ivory Silver Spigot Meerschaum pipe by Barling.

High grade quality Turkish block meerschaum pipe, manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship in the true Barling style.

Rustic pipe complete with .925 sterling silver spigot mount and a black acrylic fishtail mouthpiece.

A sterling silver lions head motif adorns the mouthpiece.

Can be used with a 9mm pipe filter.

Measures 155mm long with an internal bowl diameter of 20mm and depth of 33mm.

Weighs 46g.

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