• Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity Control Large 60g Pack

Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity Control Large 60g Pack

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Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity Control Large 60g Pack
Boveda Humidity Control

The Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Pack solves every problem with all other humidity control devises on the market. There is no activation, no messy maintenance and Boveda works every time.

In a properly seasoned humidor 1 Bovida 60g pack will support 25 cigars at the Relative Humidity displayed on the pack for 2-4 months depending on the conditions and the quality of your Humidor.

The Boveda packs can sit on your cigars and will not damage them, or they can be mounted inside your Humidor lid in the Cedar Holders for tidiness.

This is a 69% large 60g pack.

Each large pack measures 5.25" x 3.5".

The Boveda packs Relative Humidity value is accurate to +/-1% in an air tight environment, which humidors are not. It's common that the actual Realtive Humidity of your humidor will atabilize upto 5 points lower than the Boveda you are using due to humidor and ambient dryness. This is why Boveda make 6 different levels of Relative Humidity so you can choose the perfect one for you and your cigars.
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