• Toscano Antico Single Italian Cigar

Toscano Antico Single Italian Cigar

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Toscano Antico Single Italian Cigar
Toscano Cigars

A Kentucky tobacco provides the Antico Toscano cigar with an extremely distinct character. The wrapping is made up of North American Kentucky leaves, while Italian Kentucky and cuttings from the wrapper are used for the filling, the tobacco used in these cigars is also matured and seasoned for at least 12 months.

There are two ways to smoke the Toscano cigar: Intero and Ammezzato.

Intero (which, in Italian, means whole) is when you smoke the entire cigar.

Ammezzato (which means halved) is when you cut the Toscano directly in the middle giving you two short cigars to smoke.

6" long with a tapered to 38 ring gauge.

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