Woodgrain Tapered 18mm x 75mm Acrylic Pipe Mouthpiece without Tenon am62

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Woodgrain Tapered 18mm x 75mm Acrylic Mouthpiece without Tenon

Woodgrain Tapered Acrylic Pipe Mouthpiece without Tenon.

A quality machine turned and finished mouthpiece unpolished. (polishing will bring out a high gloss finish)

To fit these mouthpieces you will need to drill a hole in the mouthpiece, buy a suitable Tenon and glue the tenon into the drilled hole.


  • D (Diameter) - 18mm

  • L (Length) - 75mm

  • TL (Tenon Length) - 0mm

  • TD (Tenon Diameter) - 0mm

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